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With proofreading, the editors check the target text for spelling, punctuation and formatting errors, and the manuscripts are corrected immediately. All processing is done in Miscrosoft Word in 'Track changes' mode. For publications and print offsets, manuscripts must as a matter of principle be proofread. How this is done depends greatly on the intended use of the manuscript.




In order to ensure that text to be published is expressed exactly as it should be in the target language, editing by a similarly qualified expert is necessary. An editor can act as a pre-reviewer, picking up on the sort of errors that a peer-reviewer might otherwise pick up on before the manuscript is submitted. Editing entails more qualification than proofreading alone does, and generally takes more time. An editing would take the form of a proofreading, but with comments entered in the text where the reviewer picks up on problems. Also, the manuscript may also have substantial parts of the text rewritten or reduced, with the editor using his considered judgement in removing unnecessary repetitions etc.