Machine Translation

The quality of machine translation has rapidly improved over the years. This has happened to the extent that certain MTs (particularly Google Translate) have developed to the point that they offer the translator a valuable tool for increasing productivity.
Not all translations require perfect prose or poetry, particularly those that are not destined to be read in the public domain. As such, style issues are secondary to communication needs, and it is for these translations that MT holds the greatest promise.
In recognition of this I also offer translations at a 30% lower rate where Google translate is employed as a translation engine.

Postediting of MT texts

I do offer postediting of MT generated texts where there is no reference to the source material. This is charged at a 50% discount from my regular translation rate. However, please understand that in such a case I can not accept liability for the accuracy of the translation. I can only accept liability if I have reference to the source text, and this would require pricing at a 30% discount from my regular rates.